Talk About Herpes | Didn’t use Condoms and Got Herpes

Well I`m no angel, but I was faithful to my boyfriend of six months. We used no condoms and I ended up getting herpes. The doc says we can`t tell if he gave it to me because herpes can lay dormant. I told him about it and he loved me anyway- wiped the tears from my eyes and told me he still wanted to be with me. I didn`t want to eat. He fed me. He held me. Fast Forward…. Things are not the greatest between us. He`s a cheat, he thinks that life is supposed to be shared with more than one woman. He`s blatent and unapologetic about his desire to have sex with other people and maintain and ex-girlfriend who lives in england! Somewhere in between all of that I got pregnant and lost the baby. He still wants to be with me he says. He wants us to try to have a baby. From the outside there looks as if something is wrong with me. Why on earth would I stay? But if I leave him,will I ever have a chance to have kids? Will anybody ever want to touch me again? I feel like damaged goods. I want a family too, and though this is not what I wanted out of life. I feel like I should have my children now while I still can. I think he`ll be a good and loving dad, but I know that most of the burden will be on me. [47629]

Gender: F
Age: 24
Married: N
State: ny
Country: usa


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