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i`ve been with two people who knew they had herpes. the first found out only because i made him get a full screening. the second knew it before and was traumatized by her own diagnosis. because i suspected my first partner of having a case of oral herpes (known by antibody test to be HSV1), i didn`t use any precautions during sex. i was happy to get a genital case of HSV1 for its immunity benefit to genital HSV2 and its lowered likelihood of recurrent outbreaks. however my second partner has a genital case of HSV2 and i`m less sure that i`m willing to expose myself. i feel bad because i`m essentially actualizing her fears that people will not want to sleep with her because of the disease, but i`m still in the process of trying to understand what risk i`m willing to accept. it`s a difficult choice because i`m really attracted to her and care for her very much, but it seems there is nothing i can do save for not having sex that will eliminate the risks for a lifelong infection which could have implications in having kids. [47382]

Age: 27
Married: N
State: PA


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