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My experience was very horrible and traumatic. I`ve been in a monogamous relationship for about 3 years now. So last month I found out I had herpes type 1 but it was in my vagina area. I went to see 2 obgyns, male and a female. My male dr said it was a very bad yeast infection and that day took me a pap smear which was absolutely painful! So he just prescribed me meds to treat a yeast infection, by this day I had been suffering with a yeast infection, fever, the very painful blisters, and a UTI for 3 days and didn`t even know it. So that night didn`t sleep at all with the sharp pains and complete discomfort. So the next day I broke down to my brothers girlfriend and said I was in terrible pain and needed to see another dr to give me something for the pain. So thankfully she knew of a place and they took me in right away. This female dr told me right than when she looked that it was herpes and took a culture of it to make sure. She than gave me a numbing cream and pain killers. Two days later called me with my results and said that I did have herpes and that she was going to put in a prescription in for me right away but didn`t inform me of anything. I didn`t take the news well, I was just thinking the worst didn`t know whether to blame my bf or my ex, I felt so betrayed and an emotional reck! So I went to pick up a copy of my results to take to my other dr, when I gave it to him he said "oh you don`t have the bad herpes you have type 1 you got it from oral sex, it`s not type 2 the one that you`ll have for the rest of your life you just have to be careful when u get a cold sore." I also broke out with a blister on my finger when applying the numbing cream. The female dr just told me sorry I should of told you to apply it with something and my male dr when I told him about it he said he had never seen herpes on the finger that it was something else. So as you can see I`m still very uninformed about herpes type 1 and I`m trying to educate myself by researching it on my own. As you can also see my dr`s aren`t the greatest, the male dr was like whatever like it`s no biggie and female dr was like oh no you have herpes and made me feel like I was gonna die! Neither gave me proper information and I didn`t know what kind of questions to ask! It`s been over a month since I found out still makes me cry to think of everything I went through because nobody seems to understand the trauma behind it. I`m just glad I`m not alone and I have this website to go to! Thank you for taking the time to read my experience, I appreciate it! God bless! With love,   Jay [47303]

Gender: F
Age: 21
Married: N
State: CA
Country: US


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