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I was just diagnosed with herpes yesterday and honestly I`m really scared. I`ve never been one to sleep around or have lots of partners and I`m not even sure which partner I got it from because I read that it can stay dormant for years. I know I`ll get over the initial shock but I feel dirty and ashamed, like I did something wrong. The sores are really painful and I can`t wait until they finally clear up. This is my first outbreak and I hope I never get another one this bad. I feel like my dating life just ended and I have no chance of being with someone again. I never want to infect anyone else because I dont want another person to go through what I`m dealing with. Its hard, but then again, I only have myself to blame. I didnt use condoms 100% of the time and I`ve had condoms break before. I learned my lesson, but I wish I didnt have to deal with this for the rest of my life. [46649]

Gender: M
Married: N
State: New York


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