Talk About Herpes – FINALLY sure

i guess i`ll start off with that thankfully 2 weeks prior to this i got my results through blood test &urine and i am negative for HIV & all STDs including HSV-1 or HSV-2.. but i wanted 2 share this experience because if i would have read this maybe i would have handeled my situation diffrently. herpes is a serious thing ya kno, you gotta be sure recently in early feb of this yr (2011) i was positive that i had herpes HSV-2 without being diagnosed because i felt that my symptoms were too alike as all the herpes symptoms i was looking up on google. even everything i was reading regarding genital herpes on women was truly freaking me out because the symptoms were real similar, not exactly but just enough for me.. i didn`t have a 2nd opinion because i was 2 embaressed and ashamed to show anyone including my mom or sister. i wasnt even sure who i potentially got it from because most of my previous sex partners weren`t serious or we were really just under the influence, that killed me most because all i kept thinking was it could have been prevented, it could have been prevented and i had no clue who just straight up gave it to me ? i`ve had 5 sex partners and only 1 was serious but 3 out of the 5 i completely didn`t talk to anymore so i felt alone plus i pretty much read everything online about herpes and many websites says it shows diffrently on everyone, some ppl show no symptoms, some really do like the ones on google images and some dont even look like it ? it`ll look like something common as a pimple, ingrown hair, rash, bump.. etc. my mind was set, at the time and now i still have Preferred insurance so if i wanted to i could have just 1st got checked @ my doctors but because im still a minor i was afraid my mom would find out or she might had have 2 be there so instead i went to my community health center got blood work done the 1st day and had to wait 2 WEEKS for the results. came back all negative but was only tested for HIV & COMMON STD`s which meant NOT herpes, i was happy but not satisfied, i asked how does one get tested for herpes? and the lady was just like "i don`t know the doctor here usually knows through a vaginal exam?" so immidiately i asked if i could have a vaginal exam done the same day and they told me yes. i waited and was eventually called in, there was a woman doctor and an assistant she told me to get undressed put this robe on and knock when i was done i did and i was awkward and scared at first because of all the things i was reading online.. i thought she would diagnose me immidiately after taking one look and i had never had a pap or went to the gyno in my life ! once she started talking with me and telling me that alot of patients had what i had which was a certain skin infection or hidrentis supparaltive (prolly spelt that wrong) i calmed down and started asking questions like if i looked like i had an std or herpes point blank and she told me she wasn`t god but shes was pretty sure that i didnt. she took swabs and told me they were going to send them to a lab in Miami 4 anything unfamiliar and that i had to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks for the results. i wanted to be done with all of it and just know ! so i finally just went to my doctors and told him everything, he was stunned that i went out my way to go to a community health center and wait for hours when i could have just went to the doctors office and got tested for ALL STD`s including HSV-1/HSV-2 & HEPATITIS C OR B on top of that all i would had have to wait was only 4 days for the results OH and i just wanna include my doctors office is by appointment but doesn`t have to be lol pretty much i could have walked in at any time.. anyways i got tested, got my results before the swab results @ the health center and i was negative for everything so i was FINALLY sure although i did have a skin infection and was no longer ashamed to show my doctor or mom because i KNEW it wasn`t an std and they all told me it definitely didn`t look like an std but was a skin infection and i now am on a prescription and have ointments to take & put on, what messed me up was everything i read and saw even though its informative you still gotta find out for yourself because eveybodys their worst critic. for the 3 weeks i thought i had herpes i stopped eating as much because i READ carbs & certain foods make you break out more, lost 10 pounds, dropped my whole social life and just cried a lotttt the pros were i got closer to my brother in law and mom because truth is i knew no matter what my fam would accept me and i didn`t wanna talk 2 anybody that would be diffrent once i was sure or not.. like theres so much more to what i went through in that lil period of time but im getting tired lol i`ll end it off with i have deep respect for ppl with any life term disease.. for the ones with herpes yes it`ll be rough but without struggle there isn`t any progress and it isn`t OVER i promise you, you just gotta work at it.. its not a death sentence trust that i`ve seened this 1st hand my sister is 23 and married, her and her husband are friends with many married couples. one couple in particular have 2 kids that are healthy and the wife is positive with herpes HSV-2 but the husband isn`t their relaltionship is strong & true and that family itself couldn`t be anymore happier. truly… it could have been worse and you know that one thing that got me through it because i knew no matter what he`d have me and love me the same and forever, our father. JESUS can sound typical or cliche to the blind but its the TRUTH so eat it. hope i helped someone, anyone countss 🙂 [47518]

Gender: F
Age: 17
Married: N
State: Fl
Country: USA


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