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I was diagnosed age 28 and married at 30 never had a problem with passing herpes or even outbreaks with my husband. Got divorced and had a relationship for about 2 years age 38-41 and again no problems. We broke up and I was alone for 9 years. Then I met a man we attempted a relationship I told him I have herpes but haven`t had an outbreak in over 20 years and he was okay with that. We had sex and I started getting sick everytime we got together. Then i decided I couldn`t be with him anymore because of the sick feeling. As i got to know him he had quite a list of women he had been with, lots of 1 night stands. I had never experienced the itchy body and feeling of morning sickness before. Then I think because of the oral sex my face feels like it is on fire with red blotches every now and then (could be herpes???). I am so upset that I ever slept with him but it`s too late now. Sad thing is he is a fun guy and we have remained very close platonic fiends.I have now chosen a life of abstinence and feel much safer, I am 56 and very attractive and still get asked out by younger men.But I do not want to pass this on to anyone. I often think i have passed this on to my children through a cold virus.They just think i am silly and refuse to believe it. I am curious if other herpes victims have experienced the itchy feeling all over their body. If so what do you do for it? [46605]

Gender: F
Age: 56
Married: N
State: CA
Country: USA


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