Talk About Herpes | First Outbreak was Horrible

I contracted herpes type 2 from my boyfriend of only 3 months. I trusted him with everything i had and i have to admit i shouldn`t have. he cheated on me in november and told me he regretted it and realized he loved me and wanted to be with me (yes i believed him i will admit i`m not the smartest person when it comes to love). The girl he cheated on me with was his ex gf and cheated on him for money and thats how she got it. she never told him she had it. i forgave him before thanksgiving and two days before thanksgiving is when i contracted it. i instantly started having the itching and burning feeling but i thought it was nothing. finally i went to planned parenthood and they told me that by the looks of things i had herpes. i found out on Dec.1st. My first outbreak was horrible and i feel extremely sorry for anyone who has to go through that. it goes to show that you have to watch out for liars and trust that inner voice if it`s telling you something is wrong. my inner voice was telling me not to trust him and not take him back but i didn`t listen. My boyfriend told me that he would stand by my side and that we would make it through this together and so far we have. His whole mindset about our relationship has changed and he told me he is truly sorry he screwed up my life and that it`s not fair to me. He`s right it`s not fair to anyone who has it especially from liars, but you can make it through it. It wont always be easy but you can make it through it. just be honest with people they deserve the truth. [46995]

Gender: F
Age: 17
Married: N
State: Ny


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