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The last girl friend i had i found out she was cheating on me. So i went and had a general STD test done cuz i was freaking out. It came back negative, about 6 months later i noticed that i had these little bumps on my penis and they just itched a lot, so i went to the doctors had a blood draw done and the test came back negative so i was super excited. Well its been a year since then and I`ve had no sexual partners. Well i got those little bumps again, and they drew more blood (for some reason my bumps never turn into ulcers so they can`t do a culture) well any who the test came back positive. There`s this girl that i really like and idk how to tell her and im kinda stressing out about it. [46772]

Gender: M
Age: 26
Married: N
State: New York
Country: Wayne


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