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I contracted Genital Herpes in August 2008. At first I thought it was a genital wart outbreak because I was diagnosed with genital warts in 2000. I went to the doctor months later every month I would experience an episode and I was certain that it was a genital wart outbreak because I used to get them from time to time and then they would just go away without treatment. However, when I went to the doctor I told them that I have genital warts outbreaks and she took a look at it the very first outbreaks and said it looked like warts and prescribed me aldara at the time I was taking the aldara and it did nothing I was then taking condylox and nothing also podifilox and TCA. I thought my immune system was weakened that`s why it didn`t help but that was not the case. Later on I experienced a very large infected sore that drained with fluid and when I went to the clinic for it she told me that it looks like herpes I was in denial and refused to take the medication because I thought it was warts which it wasn`t. I was devastated when the results came back. I was under alot of stress which seems to me made the outbreaks even worse. I had outbreaks for two years before I realised it was genital herpes. However I have been taking acyclovir for about a month in a half. I haven`t seen any outbreaks since August but every now and then I experience itching and tenderness in the vaginal area as of right now I am experiencing itching all over my body every now and then could this be a symptom of the virus. I have ben experiencing this for a couple of days now and I just stopped taking suppressive theraphy about a week ago. However, when I first started having outbreaks I was scared as well as embarrased to explain it to my boyfriend I had an I idea he would be understanding and then I thought that he would be terrified that I passed this to him but at the time I was so sure that it was genital warts. I waited 6 months before I told him a I was very scared because I didn`t know what to expect when I told him it was on New Years and we were about to be intimate I sure picked a fine time to tell him but I couldn`t hold this any longer he was very understanding and he didn`t judge me. I was so glad to get this off my chest what a relief. However, when I did find out I had genital Herpes I accused him for passing the virus to me. I told him I had genital herpes and asked him do he have it and was he messing around with anyone and he told me no and said that everybody has genital herpes cold sores and things like that. But he was not really to interested in talking about the condition. He also told me his sexual history with previous partners but I was more so concerned about the virus and if I contracted it from him or if I passed it to him and he seem to be fine at ease with what I was explaining to him. At the time we were lying in bed and he still wanted to be intimate with me I was somewhat suprised because I thought that he wouldn`t want to after hearing about genital herpes. [46659]

Gender: F
Age: 30
State: NewJersey
Country: USA


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