Talk About Herpes | Glad not HIV

We`ll I was 25 when I found out that I have herpes simplex 1 I don`t know how long I had it or who gave it to me all I know that was the first day of my life that I felt I just killed myself I was scared upset I told my kids father about it and he act like he don`t have it so I`m confused was he the one who gave it to me or did I get it from someone else because I never had an outbreak until that day I found out I have herpes all I can say is this really open my eyes to everything I have read on this virus so all I can say is watch people watch what u do who u drink after smoke after because u can get it by doing those things we`ll its been 2yrs and I learned how to deal with it I only had about 4 outbreaks sinc I found out I take valtrex when I did have the outbreaks and it does work out also you can take it when u feel u finna have an outbreak I only had cold soars but what I`m trying to say is don`t let this virus control you just be glad it`s not HIV and now that I continue educating myself on things I will make better deceison for myself and for my kids. Also don`t trust no one. [46858]

Gender: F
Age: 27
Married: N
State: IL
Country: USA


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