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I just found out i had herpes a few days ago. It was hard to hear it coming from my doctor cause i was hoping it was going to be something curable, but of course i have no luck. its really hard to deal with and i cry alot. i wish the guy i slept with knew, or would have told me he had this. i try not to stress about it cause i know it can make it worse but its breaking my emotions down this really does suck and this first outbreak is very irritating i just want it to be over with i`m taking the meds and the ointment my doctor gave me it just seems to be getting worse at times but im sure it will get better soon i hope, My mother has been very helpful and understanding, she told my its not that serious i will live through it and it could happen to anyone. which is true, if you get herpes do not think your dirty its just a virus. i mean we all get colds dont we? of course we do. just think positive and you will get yourself through this, i can not wait till my first outbreak is gone i will be happier then ever. just remember you are not the only one and it could happen to the cleanest person in the world, so stand tall and dont let this simple thing ruin your life its just a little bump in the road that is gonna make you stronger [46590]

Gender: F
Age: 18
Married: N
State: maryland
Country: U.S.A.


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