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I just discovered late last month I have herpes simplex 1. I didn`t think much of it until I heard my doctor say, "no cure, contagious." I cried for weeks over it and now I`m slowly accepting it happened and nothing I can do about it. The only thing that angers me most is a boyfriend I had for months treated me completely wrong towards the last 2 months and when he found out I had herpes 1 he dumped me basically saying, "sucks for you. I don`t." But he is a carrier due to his mom and he never bothered once to tell me until it was too late. I know it has to come from him, he`s the only one I`d share drinks with or kiss and his sister and mom are diagnosed with it. While he laughs at what I`m going through alone, I worry what other people will think of me when they find out, like friends or a new boyfriend. I can`t touch or drink things or share things like I use to. Now I have to always be so careful with what I do and always worry that I can still get someone I care about infected with this. I`ve already infected 2 family members by accident, possibly 3. I don`t know how to tell between outbreaks if I`m still contagious and if I kiss someone during the time outbreaks are gone; is there still that risk? A lot of my family tells me `a lot of people have it` but I still feel pretty alone in all this and ignorant about the whole thing. It`s still pretty new to me. I even heard from a few people that I`m considered contagious for the next year.. [46614]

Gender: F
Age: 20
Married: N
State: CA
Country: United States


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