Talk About Herpes | Herpes Type 2 Genitally

I`ve had herpes type I genitally since I was about 18. It`s really not the end of the world. I feel the best way to deal with it, other than living a healthy life, is to be very upfront and honest about it with your partners. I have found that many people are familiar with it, and are okay with it. I`m absolutely repulsed by the ignorance of some people though. There are many times where I`ve heard people gossiping about someone saying "I heard he/she has herpes". It irritates me. So I ask them if they have cold sores, and they say yes. So I tell them, well you have herpes too. The social stigma is just unreal. [46527]

Gender: F
Age: 31
Married: N
State: NE
Country: US


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