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I am 21 years old and in a serious relationship. Everything has been perfect and my boyfriend and I are so happy and in love together. But this week I started getting a very sore throat, a UTI, and a fever. I went to the doctor, and she thought I had Mono, but those results came back negetive. The next day I started breaking out in sores on my vagina. And it only got worse. I just kept getting more, gradually appearing closer to the interior of my genitals. I was PANICKING. I tried calling gyno after gyno, but it was friday afternoon and all offices were closing. So I went back to the doctor the next morning (today) and she told me it might be herpes or it might be a staff infection. It really does look like herpes. My boyfriend told me he was never tested, although he never had any signs. (I don`t know WHY I never asked him if he`d been tested before we became sexually active. I feel like that`s a topic that should have come up.) I thought I had been tested, at trips to the gyno in the past for pap smears, but I learned today that when you get tested for herpes you have to give a blood sample, not just a sample of your vaginal fluid. I FEEL SO STUPID FOR NOT KNOWING THAT!!! I ALWAYS THOUGHT I WAS CLEAN BECAUSE OF WHEN THE GYNO WOULD TELL ME THAT EVERYTHING CAME UP NEGETIVE!!!! But apparently that`s only for HPV? Now either my boyfriend had it and didn`t know and gave it to me, or I`ve had it for a long time and might have given it to him. Monday, in two days, I am going to the gyno to get everything sorted out. And get all the answers I need. I really hope it`s not herpes. My boyfriend is also getting tested. I feel like my life is never going to be the same ever again. And I regret so much…I regret not being educated, like about what it means to GET TESTED, and I regret having unprotected sex before my current boyfriend. [46519]

Gender: F
Age: 21
Married: N


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