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I met this girl a few weeks ago at a bar when I was out with some friends celebrating. I kept things very innocent, as I have always been very careful about strangers and being sexually active with them. Towards the end of the night we kissed a few times, but I left it at that. We exchanged numbers and planned to meet up sometime in the future. I realized a few days later that (I either took down her number wrong or she gave me a false one.) I was just diagnosed less than a week ago with hsv1. I started getting strange marks on my face and thought I had some type of bacterial infection because it was on my chin. When the doctor told me it was herpes I couldn`t believe it. I started sobbing right there. My whole life I have been extremely careful with partners, this was the first time I had ever let myself go free and something like this happened. She didn`t have any signs or marks that I could see either and of course she never told me about her situation. I didn`t even know this lifelong disease could be transfered through kissing…i wish there was more mainstream information out there to protect others from getting this. It`s a very taboo thing, everyone who has, it hides it…this is why it`s so common, because no one wants to tell anyone. This is also the reason why 1 in 4 americans has this and the percentage of people who contract it jumps every year. For the past week I`ve been thinking nonstop about my new problem, its very difficult to coop with at first. Every time I look in the mirror I am constantly reminded of what one night off innocent kissing can lead to. Right now I`ve been able to accept what I have, its mostly just an inconvenience, but I don`t see this effecting my live too drastically, nor will I let it. I am way more careful about cleanliness now, I have absolutely no desire to spread this terrible thing to anyone. The only thing I am really frustrated with is finding a partner who would be ok with this issue…i know if they aren`t then they aren`t worth it, but still it`s not a fun issue to live with for the rest of your life [46500]

Gender: M
Age: 26
Married: N
State: Ca
Country: Usa


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