Talk About Herpes – Husband Exposed Me

I just found out that my husband of 7 years exposed me to the virus, when I would see the blister on his penis, I never thought that it could be vd, why? it didn`t look like it to me or maybe I just didn`t know what to look for, when I asked him the only time I did see it, what was it, he stated that is how his penis looks all the time, I told him I have never seen it there before and have not seen it there since that one time, that was almost two years ago, I just recently had a pap smear this year, in February, and got my results back 2 weeks ago and I am positive with type 2 Herpes, but how? when? is all I can think, I asked him to get checked by his doctor, in which I thought he did the same time I had my physical, he said the doctor didn`t check for anything like my doctor did, I`m so sad and hurt how could he have given this to me and not have known he had it? HOW? now recalling back, after reading the information I found here, I have had an outbreak too, and I thought I cut myself with razor! now I`m afraid to start the medication given to me by Dr. will it cause me to have breakouts more frequently now? so many questions, will I now start getting sick with viruses, my body use to be able to fight, I use to never get sick, ever, I have had 2 colds this year. NOW WHAT DO I HAVE TO EXPECT FROM THIS DISEASE? ANGRY AND SCARED!!!! [47556]

Gender: F
Age: 43
Married: Y
State: Md
Country: Prince Georges


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