Talk About Herpes | I infected so many people

When I first met this guy, he could have told me. We used a comdon but it broke. After that we never use one again. After waking up to an empty bed one morning, I wondered why….. What did I do, what did I say, to make this man just up and leave me like this. A few days later he call me up on the phone( after he skipped states) and told me why. At that point I wanted to give it to any and everyone who didnt give a fuck about theirselves. Now its been 3yrs. I have affected so many people, to which I feel so sorry about; some of these men bought it on themselves( playing games with the comdons). 4wks ago I had a baby girl, she`s healthy. Her daddy lied to me and told me he was divorce, plus he played trick with the comdon( he doesnt know). People today dont care about their health, all they care about is a good feeling. All I can say is, Thank God I dont`t have AIDS/HIV…… I might have to take meds for the rest of my life; but at least I`m going to live. I have change my whole life around, I don;t do the things I use to do. When I do meet someone I like, I;m going to tell they what I have. I wish that person would have gave me a choice. [47313]

Gender: F
Age: 28
Married: N
State: Pa
Country: USA


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