Talk About Herpes | Ice prevents Outbreaks

I discovered that applying ice directly on affected/itchy areas at early stages prevents outbreaks. It really works. Share this. Are there any scientific research on this? I don`t know, but my guess is the cold puts the virus to sleep. I use this trick for oral herpes after a long day in the sun, instead of taking medication or cream. I just rub my lips with ice carefuly. It reduces the swelling and I don`t have outbreaks or blisters on the lips. After struggling with genital herpes for a few months with repetitive outbreaks I remembered the "ice trick" and tried it on my genitals right where I felt itchiness. I didn`t have any outbreak since. Maybe it will work for you too! [47309]

Gender: M
Age: 37
Married: N
State: Quebec
Country: Canada


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