Talk About Herpes – Itching

I first noticed an abnormality of excessive itching in the genital area. It was nothing to me because I never considered the possibility because i knew the people which I was have sexual relations with. After about two days of the itching sores developed; again, I disregarded these as well. I guess this was the "denial" stage. The sores went away in a month and, in my head, I knew it was over and was glad because this obviously meant nothing was wrong. One or two months later they came back along with the itching and I decided the it was time for some research which only answered my fears. There was no other possible answer and I decided I wasn`t going to take a $150 dollar test to answer the obvious. Now I`m still here left with so many questions and fears. Fears that I`m never going to have a REAL love life with kids. Questions that ask how long before a cure, how does this effect my life expectancy? Herpes use to be a laughing matter in high school sex-ed class; now, it`s a nightmare. To some degree it feels as fearful as being confronted with having cancer. [47539]
Gender: M
Age: 20
Married: N
State: Georgia
Country: United States


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