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Ok,im only 15.I remember I haven`t had a cold sore since i was like 8 but when i was 14 i wasn`t drinking water and i had a girlfriend, i don`t know if she brought up the virus or it was the dehydration,but i had been dehydrated before and nothing happened.So now i get one everyone time i get sick so badly sunburned. Everyday i feel a tingle or something unusual on my lip and it ends up being nothing and im really paranoid so where every i got i have to carry my blistex chapstick that i apply every 3 hours. I had the worst cold sore i have ever seen this summer from a sunburn,it covered half of my entire my upper lip it was really big and it hurt my confidence drastically . Kids at school are always making jokes about herpes and girls always want to talk to me and eventually get with me but i always have to say no because of cold sores. It hurts so much knowing i have Herpes that`s an STD but i haven`t had any sexual intercourse,i dont like how it`s called an STD even though you can get it with out having sexual intercourse. [47404]

Gender: M
Age: 15
Married: N
State: Texas
Country: United States of America


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