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I have yet to be tested but after all the research on this site and on the internet i am 90% positive that i have HSV 2. My symptoms started just last week with an extreme itching sensation on the outside of my genitals on the lips…which after a day turned into these small pimple/ lesion looking bumps that popped open then scabbed up and healed after about a week or so. What other explaination could there be for these symptoms other than herpes??? I doubt there is any at all and this makes me so mortified!! I beleive i contracted them from my boyfriend who was with a girl before me who tested positive for HSV 2. My boyfriend had and has never had any sort of sypmtoms at all ever so he just assumed he didnt have them and never got tested, but now that i am having these symptoms we both plan to go get tested right away. I am very angery at my boyfriend for his stupidity in not getting tested, but what good does that really do me now? i dont beleive he did this on purpose and genuinly didnt beleive or know he had them so i cant really hate him…I guess all i can do now is just accept the facts that my boyfriend and i have this desease and try our best to continue to live life the best we know how together as we have always planned to do. we already have two children who do not have the desease and we have been talking about getting married so as of now this is really just an embarrassing and annoying issue. We will most likely keep this secret from the rest of the world to avoid ant kind of descrimination and just leave it as it is after seeking treatment to prevent any more outbreaks. Im just glad that i have my boyfriend for support and vise versa…even if he is the one that gave me this horrible desease. All we can do is just live to the fullest and continue to go about our life plans that we have always had… and hope for the best. Right? [47127]

Gender: F
Age: 25
Married: N
State: ohio
Country: US


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