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I found out I had herpes a year ago. I was devastated like everyone else on here. It hurt to walk, my glands were swollen it was awful. The first thing I did was go online and read all these forums. I took Lysine everyday since my first outbreak out of fear of having another. I haven`t had one yet and it`s been a year. If I get sick I take my valtrex just in case so that I don`t get an ob. So far so good. I spoke with a few friends about it which helped. I actually found out a close friend of mine has it too. So many people have this virus but no one talks about it. I try to stay positive and not let it bring me down but I think we all have our moments of weakness. It`s been a year and I`ve dated one guy that couldn`t accept it. We had sex 5 times in 8 months. He said he loved me but was too afraid of getting it. I can`t blame him I`m just disappointed I wasted 8 months with him lol. When I was younger I never really knew if a guy was dating me for me and not just using me for sex. Well now I will know if they really are into me. [46624]

Age: 31
Married: N
State: CA
Country: US


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