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I realized I had genital herpes after I had my son. I was 22 and my son was a few months old when I left his father. I did not marry his father. I went to a doctor and was told it was probably herpes. I do not know if it was from his father. I was sexual and do not know who I got the herpes from. Years later I got fever blisters on the edge of my nose. It happened every couple years. I have had 5 nose blisters. I just moved and got a deep cold. The nose just came up again. I looked up "herpes" and just found out I have cold sore herpes. 30 years ago, I first had genital herpes 4 times a year for many years. It started coming up once a year and started moving anal. I took best care of myself. Herpes stopped coming for many years. I was quiet about herpes. I did not have sex when genital herpes was happening. I know I have type 1 and type 2 herpes. I have been non-sexual for years as I went through a 2 month coma in 2005. It was taken 3-1/2 years to take speech again. I re-made my life, live on CA SSI and moved back to the Sonoma area. [46939]

Gender: F
Age: 51
Married: N
State: California
Country: USA


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