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to all the girls out there that r scared to tell ur boyfriend, or husband…. please not be afraid to tell them,they need to know the truth.. if u dont tell them and have sex during an out break u will give it to them, and that is not fair to them so please dont be scared to tell your loved ones about herpes.. i remember telling my husband for the first time .. we were dating at the time and when i told him he cried with me and said that i will not let u go through this alone..and he has never left my side. if your boyfriend/ husband really loves u or cares about u he will do what ever it takes to help u get through this. so just be safe and protect yourself the best way u know how so u wont give it to your partner, and if your other half/ boyfriend gets all mad and walks out on u then u know he was not the right guy for u.. may God bless u and keep u safe!!! [47125]

Gender: F
Age: 30
Married: Y


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