Talk About Herpes – Outbreak

I`ve never had a initial outbreak, nor do I get outbreaks. I know I am positive due to a positive anitbody test. Some of your questions in this survey seem a bit outdated. We no longer routinely use cell culture for testing. Everything is ELSIA antibody test or PCR for antigen. You don`t give any options for people who`ve never had an outbreak and what exactly does "are you a carrier" mean? If I have a positive antibody test, that means my body has seen the virus, but without detecting actual virus via antigenic PCR, how can we 100% say I am a carrier? Sure, I can be asymptomatically shedding, but even that is diffucult to detect. We can`t differentiate this from other viruses that people are routinely vaccinated against. We get vaccinated for measles and polio, thus would anyone would throw a positive antibody test for these, but that doesn`t mean they are a carrier. Yes, these other viruses are RNA viruses and do not have the ability for latency, so comparison to the neurotropic herpes viruses is a bit of a stretch (and herpes is a DNA virus). I take vit D3 to ramp up my immune system and I take zinc supplements, as it is known to interfer with viral transcription. I`m pretty sure that this combination is why I have never had an outbreak. I take daily antivirals only to prevent my partner from becoming infected and we use condoms religiously. [47560]

Gender: F
Age: 45
Married: N


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