Talk About Herpes – Pain

I am 20 years old, I have been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half. A week before Easter in 2011, I found out that I had HSV-2. I had experienced some pain in my clit and didnt think anything of it. My boyfriend and I kept having unprotected sex and just thought he had bruised me pretty bad. As a few days passed the pain got worse and worse. I had gone in on Wed. and the doctors said I had Vaginal Infection and a Bladder Infection. I went in a couple days after that because I had noticed that I was getting little sores, or at that point bumps. I was telling my boyfriend about them and the best way I could describe them was little zits under the skin. He said if they had not gone away by saturday he was taking me into the doctor. The next day I was in so much pain, I couldnt walk, or lay still without being in so much pain. I then called my mother and she told me to go in. The nurse didnt have to do any tests, she looked at it and told me straight there that I had developed HSV-2. I sat there and I cried in my room for about an hour texting my boyfriend when he was at work. He told me to come there and tell him what the doctor said. I was so ashamed to tell him, but I did. I was scared he was going to think I was disgusting, or dirty. I have had many thought about leaving him just so he didnt have to deal with this since he is clean and lucky he hadnt gotten it yet. He told me hes not grossed out by it and its something that happened to not just me but to "US" he promised me he wouldnt leave me because I had developed herpes. He has helped me so much, he sat at work and researched it so much. I sat at home and I cried all day and he sat down and did more research with me that night. Today is the worst pain I have ever developed, I couldnt fall asleep because the pain is so bad, and the itching is so intense. Im still tryin to learn more about it and see what I can do to get rid of some of the pain and the iching. Its a work in progress and its only my first out break. But im really lucky that the guy im with still wants to be with me and is helping me threw this as much as he can. He stays up with me till I fall sleep and tries to help with the pain and iching and makes sure that I am ok before he thinks about himself. He is helping me change my eating habits and helping me exercise more, we walk almost every day, we roller blade, and he takes me to the gym so we will see how this all works out. Thats my story I look forward to ready others stories to get to know little more about HVS-2 since I know absoutly nothing about this std, and it hurts to much to read about it on the internet becuase they make it sound so much worse then what they should. [47563]

Gender: F
Age: 20
Married: N
State: MN
Country: USA


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