Talk About Herpes | Plan to use Condoms

I recently just contracted herpes. I had been doing so well with the condom thing and about 2 months ago i messed around with an ex of mine and 2 wks later i had a sore down there. Needless to say, i was and i`m devastated. I jus regret even messing with him. I`m slowly coming to terms with this.I realize that this is with me for life and its frustrating. I now take valtrex everyday and plan to use condoms along with the pills, but thats when i finally get the urge to have sex with someone again. I just feel cheated out of my life. I`m not sure how i will approach the idea of telling a future partner of my status, but I will cross that bridge when i get to it. [46888]

Gender: F
Age: 23
Married: N
State: PA
Country: USA


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