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So many people have such hopeless feelings. As my doctor told me deal with it its is not a death sentence. I just found out I am positive for HSV2. However I was shock when I found out I had it but I was mostly concern that I may have passed it on to my partner unknowingly. As I am sure that whoever gave it to me did so unknowingly. I take responsibly for my own actions and it takes two people no matter what. We all have issues in life to deal with men/women who have cheated, left, stopped loving. Don`t give up life is too short. Be good to your self you deserve happiness. After reading about it online I know realize that I have probably been living it for a long time because I have attributed the flu like symptoms to the flu. I really am rarely sick and haven`t miss a day of work in 5 years. I never noticed any breakouts. I rarely get headaches, sometimes I have pain but in my butt or legs but heck when I have a good workout I get them too. Plus I eat all the wrong foods. 90% of any healing is in your attitude.. I have consulted my nutritionist. He put me on some supplements Red Marine Algae 375mg, Olive leaf and L-Lysine 1000 mg. He started me off with the 2 – 4xper day of the Red Marine, 1 Olive leaf 4xper day and 1 -l-lysine 3xper day. After a week he told me to go down to 1 Red Marine 3xper day, 1 Olive leaf 3x per day and 1 L-lysine 3xper day. Maybe it is psychological but I don`t feel sick in anyway even though my blood test showed it. I do not know what the future holds I only know I do have one and I will make the best of my life everyday no matter what. I will do right, show mercy and walk humbey with my God Much love to all [46515]

Gender: F
Age: 53
Married: N
Country: usa


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