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I am pretty sure I contracted herpes in a relationship when I was 20 years old. I had a single sore/raw spot and never saw a true blister form. The possibility of herpes did cross my mind at some point after the sore reappeared a time or two in the exact same spot. I looked up information on the Internet (which in 1998 was not quite as expansive as it is now) and it kept referring to a horrific primary outbreak. I honestly believed that my symptoms did not sound like herepes. I can`t be sure how often I noticed the symptoms in the early years but I know it was not particularly frequent. Soon after I met and eventually married my husband. Since I did not know nor truly suspect herpes I was never careful and as we have always had a very active sex life I am sure that we did have intercourse during times that that single sore was present. Eventually he, too, developed a tiny sore on his penis. His never was bad, either, though I did notice it definitely looked like a very tiny cluster of tiny blisters. I was pregnant wiht our second child by then, so I asked my OB to test me. It was positive for HSV2. I felt like a fool. We had already been married for 5 years by then…how did I not know that I could have this? My OB prescribed Valtrex to take during the end of the pregnancy and I was able to vaginally deliver this baby as well as my third child with not problems. I apparently had herpes with the first child, too, and since I was not aware we did not use any kind of precaution. Luckily there was no problem then, either. I am still annoyed that there is no routine screening for herpes. I feel that more people might be more careful if they actually knew. I know I would have! The person I contracted it from had a basic STD screening, which didn`t include herpes. [47527]
Gender: F
Age: 32
Married: Y
State: AL
Country: USA


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