Talk About Herpes | Sore after Intercourse

Six days ago is when everything started. My genital area was sore, red, and itched. I had just had sexual intercorse the night before. I`m often sore after intercourse so I figured it was that. The next day my genitials were swollen and sore. They did not itch anymore though. I also had some vaginal discharge. I then thought that I had a yeast infection. The day after that I noticed the blisters in my vulva area. They didn`t hurt then and some of them had already broken. Since then I`ve had bad swelling, lots of vaginal discharge, severe pain when urinating and walking. Today I noticed that the blisters on the inside were going away. The outside is still incredibly sore. I`ve taken 6 hot baths today with Epsom salt. That relieves the pain, but it`s hard to live in my bathtube. Cream for the burning helps a little. Right now I`m just hoping each night that it`ll be gone tomorrow. I haven`t been diagnosed because I have no insurance or money. But I have all of the symptoms. I`m afraid that my boyfriend gave this to me. We`ve been together for two months now. This is the first situation like this. He has no symptoms at all. Which is why I believe he may already be a carrier. I`m trying not to stress so much because I hear that makes it worse. To anyone out there who is going through this with me, then I`m terribly terribly sorry. I wish you the best of luck. [46511]

Gender: F
Age: 19
Married: N
State: NC
Country: USA


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