Talk about Herpes | Sore was not a Boil

The man who infected me lied about being in monogamous relationships. Only after my diagnosis did he admit it. He also told me the sore on his buttocks was a boil and that the blood that I saw on the bedding was from hemroids. One cannot protect themselves against liars. He also drilled me prior to our initial sexual intercourse about my sexual habits, so much so that I had STD testing done. I presented mine, he never presented his. I was careless to become involved with him. I had been celibate for over 12 years and was anxious to be in a relationship and make it work. I should have stayed with my convictions. I gave in a lot for the "sake of being in a relationship and working at it." ALso, radio personalities were pushing the date a blue collar person. Will never listen to them again. [46971]

Gender: F
Age: 56
Married: N
State: VA
Country: USA


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