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I am disgusted that the medical field, internet, and even sites like this one have allowed such a negative social stigma with the current research. Sex Ed classes scares people into thinking Herpes is only an STD, and it is not, and should not be treated as such! Most people will contract the virus sometime in thier lifetime, and most likely by someone that doesn`t even know they`re spreading it. Socially, only those of us unfortunate enough not to contract the virus as children on our mouths or lips are the ones being socially rejected. Those that have or have had fever blisters are exempt from this social stigma, yet they spread the virus just the same if not more easily. This virus is as contagious and prevelant as Mono, and should be treated as such by the organizations responsible for educating the public. We all have an 80%-90% chance of contracting the virus and will. The public needs to be educated about this and accept that fact, just like we have excepted that we all contract Mono (only some of us exhibit symptoms)! [46728]

Gender: F
Age: 38
Married: N
State: FL
Country: USA


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