Talk About Herpes | Stress of Telling him

I usually dont have outbreaks very often at all untill past couple months. I have been with my boyfriend for 6mths and the stress of telling him made me have 3 in very short period. This problem is something you must talk about with your partner. I was so sick and almost had panick attack(which i never have). My family and couple friends gave me the strentgh to finally get the nerve to tell him. I was so surprised and releived that he cares about me and said it was going to be ok. That we would work it out. He went online and educated himself on this very common nuisance. I really want to thank all of you who tell your stories. It helped me as well to feel connected with people that know what I`m going through. I cant believe for past 2 months i have been a crying emotional mess. A huge weight has been lifted.. Good luck to all and remember it doesnt make you a bad or gross person. [47384]

Gender: F
Age: 33
Married: N
State: nv
Country: usa


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