Talk About Herpes | Talked me into having Unprotected Sex

I contracted Herpes 2 when I was 16, he was 21 nd jus got out of jail being young and carefree. I thought he was clean becuz if he wasn`t he wouldn`t ask me 4 oral sex which I never did thank god! After having sex a few times with protection he talked me into having sex with him unprotected about 3days later i thought I hurting was from rough sex i was sore below so I go to the dr. jus to make sure nd she took one look at me nd said I had herpes, I cried so hard my mother held me nd told me it would be okay! Life hasn`t gotten easier I have been more accepting towards it that`s all.Im 24 nw nd have had maybe 6 outbreaks (sooo blessed) in almost 10 years. I had met a really awesome guy on myspace n 09 w e live on the other side of the united states from eachotha he is on his way to see me 4 tha 1st time!! Im excited i feel lke he nd i are ment 4 eachotha, bt there is this stupid Herps that`s holding me back from giving him my all.Im scared to tell him he would be the 1st to knw my secret! I knw I`m going to be honest because I love him nd don`t want him to get hurt, I am going crazy please someone help me with a right way to tell him without making it worse then it is. Sometimes i feel dirty bt I knw this wasn`t my fault, i need friends that understand what i am going thru so contact me so we can be support buddies lol GOD BLESS US ALL, KEEP THE FAITH!!! [47411]

Gender: F
Age: 24
Married: N
State: NM
Country: Usa


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