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I had contracted herpes type 2 having sex with a guy once, 3 years ago. Either he knew he had it and didn`t tell me or he didn`t know he had it. At first it was extremely uncomfortable for the first few months. The outbreaks were very uncomfortable and painful. It wasn`t until 6 months after I had it that I decided to get tested to reaffirm what I thought I had. Once I got the results, and got confirmation that I did have herpes, my doctor was able to give me a prescription of Valtrex. Since I have been on this medication I have had no symptoms, however the the most difficult part is the emotional aspect. It is difficult being single and having the virus. Over the past few years I have been so ashamed that I`ve ended relationships before it got too physical afraid to have the conversation. Since I`ve had the virus I`ve only told 2 people I dated, the others I ended it before getting the chance to take that next step. One didn`t want to take the risk, which I understand, and the other had it himself. It didn`t work out with the guy who had it. He ended up being abusive and cheated on me. I still find it hard to talk about it with someone I`m dating, but I am trying to deal with it and accept it, as I will have to learn to live with this for the rest of my life. I have to accept that herpes doesn`t mean it`s the end of my love life, and I have to have faith that I will someday meet someone who will not only be able to deal with it but love me despite it. Reading some of these stories, of people who have found someone with their condition has given me that hope, and I will just have to have the patience and faith that it will someday happen for me too. [46763]

Gender: F
Age: 27
Married: N
State: NY
Country: United States


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