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I am 49 and have been in a monogamous relationship with a man for 7 months. He had one outbreak 16 years ago and no symptoms ever since. I was in 20 year marriage and this is my first sexual relationship since the marriage ended 3 years ago. I am in total shock and have had an aweful experience. I thought I had a bladder infection because my vagina burned badly when I urinated. Went to general family doctor. She ended up doing a vaginal exam as well as bladder and treated me for bacterial vaginosis prescribing antibiotic, Metrodyoxine (something like that). I did not get better and my vagina got worse. I was feverish and body ached. A week later I visited my GYM. I had lesions inside my vagina and developed blisters outside. When urine hits the blister like lesions, it burns like hell! My doctor said with all my symptoms he could tell it was herpes. 99 percent sure. I am devastated. I don`t blame my boyfriend though he feels responsible. I made the decision to sleep with him w/o condom. Now, I have to learn to live with this condition. One thing that I found that helps is a bath w/ apple cider vinegar. one to two cups in enough water to cover your privates. [47312]

Gender: F
Age: 49
Married: N
State: VA
Country: USA


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