Talk About Herpes | Unlikely to pass to child

If you have herpes, don`t feel embarrassed or ashamed, all herpes are is just a cold sore on your genitals. You may feel like you could never possibly be in a relationship or have children, but if you`ve found the right person they`ll accept it and if not they aren`t right for you and not worth being with, and having children it is very unlikely to pass herpes on to your unborn child because if you have an out break when you go to deliver, the doctors will preform a cesarean (c-section); you can only pass herpes through direct skin to skin contact. People may discriminate you for having herpes, but remember, it`s easy for someone to judge a person with herpes or any std, when they don`t understand. You may have been a victim of cheating,rape,or it could be that you got back with your ex and your ex had intercourse with someone while you were split up and that person not knowing it then giving it to you. What ever the reason is, it`s not your fault. But remember if you have herpes tell the person before you have sex with them. You can decrease the risk of infecting another person by using condoms or if you`re in a long term relationship stay faithful. And always remember you`re not alone. [47038]

Gender: F
Age: 21
Married: N
State: West Virginia
Country: USA


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