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I have been married for almost 20 years. About five years ago, I saw a physician`s assistant at the clinic about an itching, burning condition that had developed on my genitals. I expected a diagnosis like vaginosis or something equally easy to cure. Instead she said the developing lesions looked like herpes caused by the type-1 virus. I was shocked. I had been married for 15 years and had never cheated. I also completely trusted my husband. When I asked how this could have happened, I was told that it was possibly from oral sex if my husband had cold sores. But he had never complained about a cold sore condition. The P.A. said that his sores could be in his mouth, not outside on the lips. Or maybe he was only a carrier. She prescibed Valtrex and told me that it could have been worse because if it had been the type-2 virus, those outbreaks are much worse and more frequent. There is very little solace in that, I admit. She also said that a week prior a young, married and pregnant mom received the same diagnosis and that these occurrences are on the rise. After the Valtrex regimen, I had a follow-up with my regular MD. I was told by him that I could have gotten the virus from even a little cut on my finger, that it could have laid dormant for years and that the lesions could have just as easily erupted on my mouth instead of my genitals. Perhaps the stress from going to nursing school caused the outbreak or possibly I was infected by one of my patients. Who knows? Now it has been five years. I find it interesting that I have never seen any information about the possibility of getting genital herpes from a cut and wonder if that is false info from my doctor. My husband still doesn`t have any sign of having herpes. We abstain from sex when I feel an outbreak coming on (a little tingling sensation). I take a one-time dose of 2000 mg of Valtrex and it suppresses the virus so I haven`t had a full outbreak since my initial one five years ago which is good because that was so painful. I average about 2 incidents a year. I am so angry. I feel like every time I call my MD`s office to ask for a refill or go to the pharmacy to pick it up, I`m being judged. I`m afraid my teenage children will find out so I hide my pills. I worry that when I am old, I will lie in a nursing home bed and suffer from painful sores before somebody notices and gives me my pills. I hate this disease and pray a cure is soon found. [47000]

Gender: F
Age: 44
Married: Y
State: Minnesota
Country: USA


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