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I am 21 years old and just found out 2day that I have herpes type 2. A few months ago I had an outbreak along with a bladder infection, the infection lasted longer than normal so I went to the doctor and he said I MIGHT have herpes. Well I hoped I didn`t until about 2 months later I had another outbreak and I knew something was wrong. A month later I had another and I went 2 my OBGYN to b tested for EVERYTHING and I tested negative for everything except herpes type 2. I kind of accepted it a few months ago because I figured thats probably what it was but 2nite I got very emotional because I know I contracted it from an ex that I went back to that I kno I shouldn`t have, and it was our SECOND time without a condom ever in 3 years. I don`t kno if he kno if he had it or not but I am hurt. My mom is very supportive and she helps me and we talk about it. Im reallly into this guy I`ve been talking to but we`ve only been talking for about 3 months and I think it`s waay too early to tell him, we`ve had sex once tho but we used a condom and I didn`t even kno 4 sure I had it at the time. I`m just heartbroken because it was someone I cared 4 a lot and now I have to live with this.. and prepare myself to tell my partner later in the future.. and kids? But reading other experiences have helped me cope a little and realize life is not over. [47024]

Gender: F
Age: 21
Married: N
State: FL
Country: USA


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