Talk About Herpes | We used a condom

I`m 27 and learned that I have herpes a little over year ago. I got it from my ex (monogomous relationship), even though we used a condom. When I got the results, I was devestated and confronted him. He didn`t seem too bothered by it, but agreed to go get tested. However, he never went back to get the results. That leads me to believe that he knew. Nevertheless, we maintained a relationship with a healthy sex life. However, he started becomig more and more abusive (verbally and physically) towards me. I`d had enough and decided to end the relationship recently. I mention the abuse because I put up with it because I have herpes, thinking that I am "tainted" and fearing rejection because of it. I`ve never shared it with anyone and still struggle with the shame. It`s scary to be back on the market having the virus, but I`ve let it control me for too long by being in an abusive relationship. I have come to terms with having the virus because it has not affected my life in any way (except emtionally); I just don`t want to give it to someone else. I honestly think that the virus is not a big deal, just the stigma associated with it. People get viruses all the time, but this one has a nasty stigma associated with it. Nevertheless, I`ve stepped out on faith believing that my life without him and having to explain this to my next lover is FAR better than being in an abusive relationship. I hope I`ve inspired someone to have the courage to live with it like I have. [46684]

Gender: F
Age: 27
Married: N


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