Talk About Herpes | Who will accept me with Herpes

I found out I had herpes after being with my boyfriend for almost a year. He knew he had it and was scared to tell me. I know he didnt mean to give it to me but he never used protection so he never protected me from it either. Now that I have it I kind of see where he was coming from. How will I tell my next partner I have it? Who will accept me like this? When is the right time to tell them? I would of wanted to know at the begining but I know I wouldn`t of gave that person a chance so how could I expect someone to accept me? So me and him are still together trying to make it work. We know staying together is the easiest way to get through this. Neither of us have many out breaks and maybe 1-4 times a year. I`m learning to deal with it but it`s still so new to me and it`s going on 3 years… [47300]

Gender: F
Age: 25
Married: N
State: oh
Country: usa


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