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I am 15 years old I have a boyfriend that I love with all my heart. I did not intend my freshman year to go this way. But I cant plan my life.What I thought was a yeast infection led to be the heartbreaking and crushing results of herpes.Disappointed and lost I knew not what else todo but to tell my boyfriend right away..This is my story. In my own beliefs people are cruel.They take no time to meet you and judge quickly.But as you all know we are just like others.My family and boyfriend couldnt be more understanding. I know the mistakes I made along the way are what got me here today.Now I know.Herpes is something we can all live with and I hope you are reading this and it means something to you as much as it does to me.We all make mistakes and maybe you didnt..Maybe this found you.We all have our own stories.This which makes us unique.So wear your smile and be proud of who you are.Herpes doesnt make you who you are.Stay positive and proud.I found out I was herpes positive yesterday.The doctor said it would be about a week to get results.With uncountless prayers and tears not to mention worries I somehow am pulling my self through this. and I know you can too. Just have faith. [46903]

Gender: F
Age: 15
Married: N
State: mo
Country: usa


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