Triggered to Shed

Dear Dr. Rob:

I recently started seeing this girl. After being together for almost a month one night we ended up sleeping together without a condom. About 6 days later she calls me up and tells me that I have given her Herpes Type 2. The thing is that I have no symptoms nor have I ever shown any. That weekend we did have a lot of intercourse and my penis was a little red and rubbed raw so I am wondering if it is possible that I could be a carrier and the weekend romp could of triggered me to shed without any symptoms. My last girlfriend used to get cold sores and we were carefully not to have contact when it happened, but I am wondering that if I did get it from her from oral sex then wouldn’t she show signs down below being that I have had that same reaction when I was with her after a weekend of fun but she never broke out. I have not been with any one else between these two girls.
Lost for Words

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Lost for Words:

A complex situation, but I will try to make it easier. The fact that your previous girlfriend had cold sores suggests that she could have transmitted it to you even at a time that she didn’t have an outbreak. You may well have not experienced any outbreaks, but you could have very easily transmitted it to someone else. Therefore, the chain would appear to continue. I would suggest that you get a Herpes Select Test and that your girlfriend, after 2-3 months gets the Herpes Select Test to determine whether or not this is Herpes Type 1, the oral kind which can be seen in 20% of vaginal lesions or the vaginal variant which is 80% of vaginal lesions, Type 2, and 20% of oral lesions.


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