Valtrex is not working

Dear Dr. Rob:

I have had HSV for about 3 years now. During this time I have only had about two occurrences where the bumps actually appeared as “blisters”. A normal outbreak for me usually consists of knots rather than bumps. I was wondering if outbreaks come in different shapes and sizes, meaning does it have to be a blister/bump to be considered an outbreak? Can HSV be spread through vaginal secretions? Lastly, I have been sick for almost 2 months now. Back to back outbreaks. I’m not sure what has prompted this change, but it is really taking a toll on me mentally and well as hindering my sex life with my partner. Is there anything I can do to decrease the outbreaks? The Valtrex seems to not be working! HELP!
-Why me-

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Why Me:

You warn me that you Valtrex is not working and you are having these recurrent, if not continued, outbreaks. I would suggest a workup because there may be something else going on. Although you state the outbreaks usually consist of knots rather than bumps, you can have outbreaks in different areas of the Perineal region and in different ways such as itching, tingling, blisters, sores, or even nondescript type lesions. Nonetheless, 2 months of continued outbreaks suggests there is an underlying problem going on with your immune system.


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